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SciShow: 700 word script, in preparation (Feb 2018), topic confidential.

Geological Society of America Press Releases:

Giant Volcanoes Lurk Beneath Antarctica’s Ice,” Science News For Students, Jan 5, 2018

Hot On The Trail of Antarctic Meteorites,” Science News For Students, Jan 11, 2018

“Mineral Mania,” National Geographic Explorer, January 2018

“Weird Lakes,” National Geographic Explorer, October/November 2017

“How the Arctic Ocean Became Salty,” Science News for Students, August 2017

Stunning Images Reveal Glacial Landscape Under the Oceans,” Science News, May 2017

 “Mount St. Helens is a cold-hearted volcano,” Science News, November 1, 2016

“Smash Hit: Making Diamond that’s harder than Diamonds,” Science News for Students, April 6, 2016

“Remnants from Earth’s birth linger 4.5 billion years later,” Science News, May 12, 2016

New Tyrannosaurus bridges the gap from medium to monstrous,” Science News,

Cool Jobs: “Hunting Surprises in Thinning Glaciers,” January 19, 2017, Science News For Students

Mount St. Helens is a cold-hearted volcano,” Science News, November 1, 2016

“Smash Hit: Making Diamond that’s harder than Diamonds,” Science News for Students, April 6, 2016

“Remnants from Earth’s birth linger 4.5 billion years later,” Science News, May 12, 2016

“New Tyrannosaurus bridges the gap from medium to monstrous,” Science News, March 14, 2016

“3.5 billion years ago, oceans were cool, not hot,” Science News, February 26, 2016

Cool Jobs: “Careers on Ice,” Science News For Students, February 26, 2016

“Tracking Warfare by ‘Earthshakes,” Science News For Students, February 1, 2016

“Mystery ‘earmuffs’ sit deep inside Earth,” Science News For Students, January 4, 2016

Clues to the Great Dying,” (Permian extinction), Science News For Students, October 25, 2015

Four 32-page elementary level books related to weathering and erosion, National Geographic Learning/Cengage: 2013

Wild Land: The Hebrides, NGS Explorer, December 2014

When Life Exploded (The Cambrian Explosion), Science News For Students, November 13, 2014, 

The Quake That Shook Up Geology, Science News For Students, March 26, 2014, 

Just Like Earth? (Earth-like geology on other planets/moon) NGS Explorer, September 2014

Himalayas: KIDS DISCOVER Spotlight, July 11, 2014

Becoming fossils, KIDS DISCOVER, December 2, 2014 (blog)

Geologic Age Dating Explained, KIDS DISCOVER, September 30, 2014 

BarCharts, Inc: 8,500 word laminated Earth Science guide, 2013

Glaciers, National Geographic Explorer, Fall 2012

New Land (Islands), National Geographic Explorer, April 2012

Carolina Bays: did a comet carve out these mysterious landforms?, Current Science, winter 2012

Islands, NGS Explorer spring 2012

Weathering and Erosion, NGS Explorer Jan/Feb 2012

Limestone, NGS Explorer, winter 2011

Plate Tectonics, Now I Get It Book series: 6th – 8th grade level, Sally Ride Science, 2011

Geologic Time, Now I Get It Book series: 6th – 8th grade level, Sally Ride Science, 2011

Iceland, NGS Explorer, March 2010

Sands of Time –biggest dunes in the US, Current Science Sept 2011

Fresh Water, NGS Explorer, 2010

Chain Reaction (are recent volcanoes and earthquakes related), Current Science 2010

Active Earth, NGS Explorer, 2009

Earthquake Early Warning, Current Science Fall 2008

Rock Stars, NGS Explorer March 2008

Caving, NGS Extreme Explorer, Fall 2008

Nature’s Little Diggers: Gold and Termite Mounds, New Scientist, July 7, 2007

Earth’s Extremes, NGS Explorer March 2007

Rock Show, NGS Explorer, 2006

The Great Quake (San Fran 1906), April 2006

Hydrothermal Vents Current Science, spring, 2006

Geology Adventures For Families, Seattle’s Child, July 2006

Rock Records, 32-page book, NGS School Publishing Focus On Literacy, 2006

Earth’s Changing Land, 32-page book, NGS School Publishing Focus on Literacy, 2006

Grand Experiment (flood releases at the Grand Canyon), Current Science April 2005

Volcanoes Fall NGS Extreme Explorer, 2007

Mount St. Helens (update), Current Science, March 2005

Mima Mounds Day Trip, Sunset, June 2002

Gingko Petrified Forest Day Trip, Sunset, June 2003

The Core, (about the science behind the movie), Current Science, October 2003

Rock Around the State, AAA Washington Journey, June 2003

San Andreas Fault Study, Current Science, August 2002

Ready to Rumble (about Mt. Rainier), Current Science, October 2000

Back from the Dead (about Mt. St. Helen’s recovery) Current Science, October 2000

Singing Sands, Current Science, Spring 2001

What Made the Grand Canyon?, Current Science, December 2000

The Big Split, (about Earth’s biggest volcanic eruption), Current Science, November 1999

Heaps of Confusion: The Mima Mounds, Earth Magazine, August 1998


Earth’s Dry Zones Support a Surprising Number of Trees,” Science News, June 26, 2017,

“Cool Jobs: Head in the Clouds,” Science News For Students, May 2017

“Cool Jobs: Hunting Surprises in Thinning Ice,” Science News For Students,” January 2017

Cool Jobs: Careers on Ice,” Science News for Students, January 2016

“The Heat that Keeps on Giving,” (carbon/global warming), Science News For  Students, July 6, 2015

“Too Hot? Some Peaks offer climate migrants lots of land,” Science News For Students, June 1, 2015

The Worst Drought in 1,000 Years, Science News For Students, November 26, 2014

Floating Fish Farm: Scholastic Science World (News Dept); March 4, 2013

Profile: Angela Marinoni, Climate Scientist: Scholastic Science World, February 2013

Sun Burn (sunspots and climate change), Current Science, winter 2012

Earth’s Air. Now I Get It Book series: 6th – 8th grade level, Sally Ride Science, 2011

Water Planet, Now I Get It Book series: 6th – 8th grade level, Sally Ride Science, 2011

Wind At Work, 12-page book, Explore On Your Own series, National Geographic School Publishing, 2011

Pakistan Floods, Current Science, Fall 2010

Got Water? (The West’s Water Crisis), Current Science, Fall 2008

Global Warming: The Poles, 40 page book, Sally Ride Science, 2007

Wind, NGS Explorer October 2008

Hail No (can sound blasts prevent hail?), Current Science, Fall 2006

Climate, 32-page book, NGS School Publishing Focus on Literacy series, 2006

Snow, NGS Explorer Fall 2005

Hurricanes, NGS Explorer spring 2004

Tornadoes, NGS Explorer January 2004

STEPS Lightening and Storm Study, Current Science, March 2001


Nature Conservancy Of Washington: Ongoing work for the Nature Conservancy includes writing quarterly newsletter, blogs, profiles, fact sheets, marketing materials, fundraising stories, and editing. Topics range from conservation and science to regional travel. Highlights include: Port Susan Bay restoration, animals, Central Cascades forest lands.

“Meet Our trashy Technosphere,” Science News For Students, January 24, 2017

Pygmy Bunnies On the Brink, Cool Green Science blog post, February/ March 2016, Nature Conservancy (national)

“Black Blizzards” (Dust Bowl) National Geographic Explorer, Fall 2016

      • Branching Out For Safer Water, Science News For Students, March 13, 2014,
      • Extremophiles, KIDS DISCOVER, September 16, 2014 (blog)
      • Habitat’s Humanity: Healthcare and Environment on Africa’s Lake Tanganyika (feature), Nature Conservancy; Issue 3, 2012
      • Port Susan Bay, Washington: Building a Better Bay; Nature Conservancy (Worldview), March/April 2013
      • The Third Pole: Climate Change and the Himalaya Mountains; Current Science, Spring 2013
      • Conservation Successes, Nature Conservancy, feature, winter 2012
      • Mercury from China in the Atmosphere, Current Science, winter 2011/2012
      • Earth’s Natural Resources, Now I Get It Book series: 6th – 8th grade level, Sally Ride Science, 2011
      • In the Pink –salmon and dams, Current Science, 2010
      • Saving Turtles in Brazil, Nature Conservancy, Sightings, (2010)
      • Asian Carp Invasion, Nature Conservancy, Sightings, 2010
      • Deepwater Horizon Disaster, Current Science, November 2010
      • World’s Biggest Cleanup, Hanford Nuclear Site, Current Science, 2010
      • Seychelles Coral Reef, NGS Explorer 2009
      • The Long Dry, (Australia’s drought), Current Science, September 2009
      • Green Prisons, Nature Conservancy, Sightings, 2009
      • Ridding Rat Island of Rats, Nature Conservancy, Sightings 2009
      • Gas Leak, (coal bed methane related water issues), Current Science, 2007
      • Big Hole River/Grayling conservation, Nature Conservancy, Sightings, Fall 2007
      • Pygmy Rabbits, Nature Conservancy,Winter 2007/08
      • Fort Lewis Protects Candidate species, Nature Conservancy, Fall 2008
      • Dry Run, (drought in the southwest), Current Science, October 2007
      • Fade To White, (evolution of white lizards), Current Science, January 2006, Winning article of the 2006 AAAS Children’s Science Journalism award.
      • Sea Rescue (Salton Sea), Current Science, October 2004
      • Hot Topic, (about forest fires, Healthy Forest Initiative), Current Science, January 2003
      • Mammoth Mammals, NGS Explorer, December 2004
      • Spiders, NGS Explorer, October 2003
      • Spider Pharm, Current Science, October 2002
      • Saving Turtles in Brazil (2010)


      • We Are Stardust, Science News For Students,  February 28, 2014,
      • Kepler, KIDS DISCOVER, December 16, 2014,
      • Mission to Mercury, Current Science, Spring 2012
      • Star Sightings, 12-page book, Explore On Your Own series, National Geographic School Publishing, 2011
      • Destination: Moon, 12 page book, Explore On Your Own series, National Geographic School Publishing, 2011
      • “Fright Night” (astronomer determines when Mary Shelley conceived the story of Frankenstein) Current Science, October 2011
      • The Inside Story of Jupiter, book for 6-8th grade, Sally Ride Science, 2007
      • The Inside Story of Saturn, book for 6-8th grade, Sally Ride Science, 2007
      • Picture Puzzle, (astronomical clues to Edvard Munch’s “Girls On the Pier,” Current Science, Fall 2006
      • Marathon Man, (astronomical mystery surrounding the first marathon), Current Science, Fall 2005
      • Munch’s ‘The Scream’, (astronomical clues), Current Science, September 2004
      • Van Gogh’s ‘Moonrise’, (astronomical clues) Current Science, December 2003
      • Jupiter’s Moons, NGS Explorer, December 2003


‘Medical Innovators’ – 24- page Grade 5 biography/science book, client was 22MediaWorks, published by Benchmark Education, 2016

“Life’s ultra-slow lane is deep beneath the sea,” (microbes), Science News For Students, March 26, 2015

      • Gold Can Grow On Trees, Science News For Students, November 27, 2013
      • Failing Grades, (the state of US bridges, dams, and roads) Current Science, January 2008
      • Song and Dance (profile of bird song/neurobiologist), Current Science, March 2008
      • Snow Going (South Pole Road), Current Science, January 2005
      • Whole Lotta Lava (world’s largest lava lamp), Current Science, Fall 2004

  • Paddle Sports – Book published by Discovery Channel / Insight Guides in spring 2000: Book editor as well as writer of the following chapters:
    – Introduction: Between Heaven and Earth
    – Chapter 1: Getting Started
    – Chapter 2: Whitewater
    – Chapter 3  Canoe Touring
    – Chapter 5: Planning Your Trip
    – Chapter 14: Middle Fork of the Salmon River, IdahoChapter 20: Rogue River, Oregon
  • The Wall Street Journal
    – “Betting on the Breakup: Spring Comes to Nenana” (May 7, 1996)
  • Christian Science Monitor
    – “Mount St. Helens: A remarkable regeneration, led by beetles.” May 18, 2000
  • Nature Conservancy (National)
    – Feature: Ten Kid-sized Adventures (Fall 2011)
    – Feature: Nature’s Comebacks (winter 2012)
    – Sightings: Big Hole River/Grayling conservation (Fall 2007)
    – Sightings: Pygmy Rabbits (Winter 2007/08)
    – Sightings: Fort Lewis Protects Candidate species (Fall 2008)
    – Sightings: Ridding Rat Island of Rats (2009)
    – Sightings: Green Prisons (2009)
    – Sightings: Asian Carp Invasion (2010)
    – Sightings: Saving Turtles in Brazil (2010)
  • Southwest Spirit Magazine
    – Night Run (about after-work skiing near Seattle)
  • Boys’ Life                                                 
    – Rapid Racers (about boys kayak racers) July 2002
  • Hooked On The Outdoors                       
    – Three River Adventures
  • Seattle’s Child
    – Geology Adventures with kids (July 2006)
    – Getting out in a boat (summer 2008)
    – “Un Parks:” Playground Alternatives (2009)   

    – Independent Toy Stores, November 2006     
    – “National Trails Day” May, 2000
  • Canoe and Kayak Magazine, Contributing Editor and Writer  1997 to 2006 (bi-monthly) – wrote column  “Whitewater Dispatches” in addition to features, service pieces, and front-of-the-book articles listed below.
    – Put-In: Paradise Found – and saved – Douglas Tompkins’ Chile, October 2000
    – Put-In: “Standoff at the Grand Canyon,” July 2000
    – Put-In: “Whitewater Theme Parks,  March 2000
    – “Lost Descents – Feature Article, July 1998
    – “Paid to Paddle”  Feature Article, July 1997
    – 25 Book Reviews (October 1998)
    – Water Shoe Review: March 2000
    – Kit Boat Reviews (October, 1997)

    – Solo Whitewater Canoe Reviews (May 1997)

1999 Whitewater Annual
– Destinations: Five Places to Paddle
– Five First Descents

1998 Whitewater Annual
– Landmark Firsts
– Reading Whitewater – Introduction                                                                          

1997 Whitewater Annual
– Facing Fear
– Theodore Roosevelt: First Descent of the Rio Teodora
– Reading Whitewater

Buyer’s Guide 1997: Introductions (two separate pieces)
– 1996 Beginner’s Guide (major contributor to this annual issue)                      
– 33 Books for Paddlers (reviews, October 1996)

  • Canoe and Kayak Industry News (published by Canoe & Kayak Magazine)
    – Profile: Northwest Outdoor Center (Spring 2000)
    – Profile: Old Town Canoe Company, (Spring 1997)
    – “NAPSA Training Conferences Score With Retailers” (Spring 1997)
    – Profile: Bell Canoe Company (Summer 1997)

    – Profile: Dagger Canoe Company (Fall 1997)
  • Canoe Journal (published by Canoe & Kayak Magazine)
    – Paddling into the Past (1998)

    – Pioneers of Modern Canoeing 1998)   
  •  AAA Washington Journey
    – “Rock Around the State,” Feature Story, June 2003

    – Northwest Forts, Feature Story, March/April 2002
    – Sidebar: Rockhounding, June 2003     
      – Roads To Roam: The Okanagan Valley
  •  Sunset
    – “Mima Mounds Day Trip,” June 2002

    – “Gingko Petrified Forest Day Trip,” June 2003     
  •  Wavesport Magazine
    – Sea Kayaking Southern Chile   
  •  Adventure Journal
    – The Spirit of Adventure” (February 1998)
  •  Oregon Outside
    – “A Night in the Sky – Flag Point Lookout”(Winter 1997/98)
  •  Outdoors Online
    – “Outdoor Women: Tips and Tidbits” (February 1997)
  • Cross Country Skier Magazine
    – “Telemark Injury” (December 1996)
  • Salmon Trout Steelheader
    – “Kayaks in Your Eddy” (June/July 1996)
  • Ski Trax Magazine  (Canadian)
    – Backcountry Skiing in North America: The Cascades (December  1995)

    – “Flag Point Night” (February 1996)
  •  free snow (quarterly publication for Cascade backcountry skiers)
    – 12-month skiers (Summer, 1993)
    – The Avalanche Hotline (Winter, 1994)  
    – The Telemark Party (Spring, 1994)
  •  Northwest Wilderness Journal
    – Fall Paddling Guide (Sept/Oct, 1994)

    – Tower to Tower (Skiing to Fire Lookouts) (Nov/Dec, 1994)