I’m a freelance writer based in Seattle, Washington. Originally a geologist, I made the transition to freelance writing in the late 1990s. Though my background is earth science, I’ve enjoyed writing on topics ranging from climate to spiders to evolution. 

A lot of my writing is geared for kids, in the school market. It’s an intriguing challenge: telling a story with just the right amount of science, while keeping it short, compelling, and fun. I sometimes compare writing science for kids to rock-hopping across a creek. Pick the stones that won’t tip, don’t slip into tangents, and focus on where you are trying to go.

I write for general audiences as well, on topics ranging from conservation to science to travel. I especially appreciate the opportunity to write longer sentences and include grown-up words like paradigm

My writing also includes many articles on outdoor adventures, including a 7 year stint as a contributing editor to Canoe & Kayak magazine. 

My publications include general science stories, profiles, and
travel-style round up pieces.